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FREE 11-Point
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As a business and marketing consultant to cosmetic practices for the past 23 years, I have amassed a giant playbook of lead generation strategies, scripts, and tools my clients use daily in their practices.

I’ve pulled out 11 of the very best strategies from this playbook to share with you.

  • Get all 11 strategies and the reasons they are working for our clients right now
  • Learn how to implement these into your practice today, while avoiding some of the pitfalls that others experience
  • Implement immediately for rapid growth (hint: #6, #7, #8, #9 can be used over and over again for VERY rapid growth, without requiring any additional investment
Here’s what others have to say 
about Catherine…..
Fnally tapped into the most efficient way to grow my cosmetic practice.

"I have finally tapped into the most efficient way to grow my cosmetic practice and that is to “fish in the pond of my own patients”. When patients return to my practice, over 85% will purchase another service, product, or procedure. Not only was it worth over $200,000 in revenues this past year, it also reminds my patients I’m still around so they don’t wander off to my competitors. Catherine’s group has far exceeded our expectations and goals we had set up for them to achieve."


Immediately increased conversion rates to 75-80%

"Our consult conversions were running at 40-50%. Then we attended Catherine’s online training and implemented her strategies. They immediately increased conversion rates to 75-80%."


Revenues are up 15% over the last three months - 
22% in the last month alone.

"Since engaging with Catherine, I’m happy to report that revenues are up 15% over the last three months - 22% in the last month alone! I highly recommend Catherine’s consulting services to any practice looking for “best practice” additions to their operation. Her years of experience allow her to bring outside eyes to your practice, recognize what’s off, and recommend concrete actionable plans for improvement."


Increased our sales by more than 30% last year!!

Her savvy marketing program helped us increase our sales by more than 30% last year!!”


About Catherine Maley, MBA

Since Year 2000, Catherine Maley, MBA has been a cosmetic practice growth business and marketing consultant. She is also an author, speaker, trainer, and blogger. She also has a podcast called Beauty and the Biz and her popular book, Your Aesthetic Practice/What Your Patients Are Saying has been studied by thousands of plastic surgeons and their staff all over the world.

Catherine is an international speaker and regular contributor to the top medical publications in the industry and has been interviewed by the New York Times, ABC News and Newsweek.

Catherine and her team specialize in growing cosmetic revenues using creative patient attraction, conversion, follow up and retention strategies as well as staff training to turn team members into converting rock stars.

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